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Community Garden Design

Establishing a community garden is not a small task but can be done with ease. Once a piece of property has been identified we can them identify all of the things needed to make this garden successful.


Most of the time a piece of land has already been identified for which a community would like to start a garden.

Planter Design

Planter design could include multiple levels and larger style boxes. Planters can be made from wood to concrete block or anything in between.


Various option could be presented here. From starting with a higher quality potting or garden soil to lower quality soil like loam or topsoil and using amendments like compost or Fish emulsions, kelp, worm castings to name a few. Building your own soil is always recommended 

Water Resources

How are we going to be watering our plants? This is the most important step. Are we getting water from one location or do we have water plumbed to each bed or planter. 

Pest Management 

Insects are the most common. we would like to keep out a bunch of them but there are one we need to let in like bees and lady bugs. Other animals that we should be thinking about are Deer, Rabbits, Racons, Squirrels and smaller rodents.

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