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SusAg Development provides Aquaponic, Hydroponic, Livestock Management and Conventional Farm consultation services to Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.


Aquaponics blends two type of farming practices Aquaculture the farming of aquatic animals and Hydroponics the process of growing plants without soil. This combination results in faster grow and more nutrient dense vegetables and the potential for harvesting your own fish. 

(Ornamental fish may also be used)


Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a soilless media using a nutrient dense solution. Using these methods allows us to grow a larger number of plants in smaller spaces along with increasing the variety of what we can grow.

Livestock Management

In general it is the identification, planning, and execution of all aspects of basic animal husbandry (Water, Shelter, Cleanliness) and animal nutrition. Recognizing livestock goals (Breeds, purpose, Quantity), while maximizing on-site resource (Pasture, Water, Shelter).

Backyard Gardens are not only a great way to produce your own produce but it is a great way to get out side and connect with nature. Regardless of the room you have or you think you dont have we can find a spot for you to build the beginning of a beautiful thinig.

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